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Ayr Sinus Rinse Kit 1 Each

by Ayr
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Heading Ayr - helps you breathe better.
Purpose Sinus Wash
Manufacturer B.F. Ascher
Active Ingredients Sodium Chloride; Sodium Bicarbonate
Directions Use once or twice per day or as directed by physician. Children under 5: consult a physician before use.
Uses Click here for more infoHelps relieve symptoms of: nasal allergies; nasal dryness; congestion; postnasal drip; recurrent sore throats; nasal irritation due to allergens, dirt, dust and pollen. No burning or stinging. Preservative free. Iodine free. Buffered to neutral pH. Safe for use during pregnancy. Contains: easy-to-use, reusable applicator bottle; 50 one-time-use sinus rinse mixture packets; complete instructions for use.
Warnings Click here for more infoDo not use this product if: nose is completely blocked; you have an acute or new ear infection; user is unable to stand up in a position near the sink. Discontinue use and consult a physician if you experience pressure in the ears. Use only lukewarm water, distilled or cooled previously boiled. Keep out of reach of children. Use of container by more than one person may spread infection.