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AZO Test Strips Urinary Tract Infection Test 3 ea

by AZO
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Purpose UTI Home Test
Manufacturer Amerifit
Directions Simply wet the test pads by holding in your urine stream for 1-2 seconds. Read test results in just 2 minutes. Match the color of the test strip pads to the color blocks on the bottle label. See insert inside for complete instructions. Be sure to keep the bottle cap tightly closed after removing a test strip. Do not remove the drying packet. Store at room temperature 59 degrees - 86 degrees F (15 degrees - 30 degrees C) out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.
Uses Click here for more infoAZO Test Strips can detect if you have a urinary tract infection (UTI). This information will allow you to take an active role with your physician in the management of your health. AZO Test Strips is the first combination test available for home use. Only AZO Test Strips test for both WBCs (white blood cells) and nitrite for greater reliability. AZO Test Strips are more accurate than a nitrite-only test. Use at the first sign of a UTI: urinary pain, burning, urgency or frequency.
Warnings Click here for more infoFor in vitro (external) diagnostic use.