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Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test

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Heading The symbol of certainty.
Purpose Ovulation Test
Manufacturer P & G-Health
Directions Take the test any time of day. Assemble the test and hold in your urine stream for 5-7 seconds. Wait. The test ready symbol will start flashing after 20-40 seconds to show the test is working. See your result. Within 3 minutes the display will show your result (LH Surge or No LH Surge). Read instructions before use. Store at 36-86 degrees F (2-30 degrees C). Do not freeze. For in vitro diagnostic use only (not for internal use).
Uses Most effective ovulation kit.* Tells you the best 2 days to conceive. Over 99% accurate. The ClearBlue Easy Digital Ovulation Test quickly and accurately detects the surge of luteinizing hormone in your urine which normally occurs 24-36 hours before ovulation (when you release an egg). The test therefore tells you the 2 best days to conceive your baby. If the LH Surge symbol is displayed then you have detected your LH surge. You should ovulate within the next 24-36 hours. The ClearBlue Easy Digital Ovulation Test is not intended for contraceptive use. Contains: 1 test holder; 20 test sticks; 1 English/Spanish insert. *Women are more likely to detect their LH surge with 7 tests than a 5 test kit.

Warnings Keep out of the reach of children. Certain medications or medical conditions, including but not limited to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) may affect the reliability of this test for predicting ovulation