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Colostomy Barrier New Image Flextend PreCut Extended Wear Without Tape 214" Flange Red Code Hydrocolloid 114" Stoma

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Product Description

Flextend provides ostomates with the longest wear time available. Flextend® is a hydrocolloid skin barrier that is designed to be the most resistant to discharge and is the barrier of choice for urostomies and high output ileosotomies. Flextend® barriers swell when in contact with liquid discharge. It has a mildly acidic pH (4-1/2 - 5.0) which may help to control the growth of some skin organisms.

  • Built-in convexity means added security and skin protection for recessed, retracted and flush stomas pre-cut openings.
  • Eliminates pressure on tender post operative abdomens with the exclusive floating flange.
  • Protects the skin over extended wearing time. Flextend® skin barrier with tapered edges eliminates the need for tape