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Delsym Adult 12 Hr Cough Relief Liquid, Grape 5 oz & Delsym Adult 12 Hr Cough Relief Liquid, Orange 5 oz 1 ea

by Delsym
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Product Description 
Delsym Adult Cough Suppressant Liquid, 12 Hour cough suppressant in Grape and Orange flavors has a patented time-release medicine that goes to work fast to silence cough for a full 12 hours, up to 2 times longer than other cough liquids*. *Among OTC liquids per dose. Contains Dextromethorphan Polistirex, Extended-Release Suspension (Cough Suppressant.) Works both Day or Night, Alcohol-Free.

  • Controls & suppresses cough.
  • Advance time-release formula that works immediately.
  • Provides relief for up to 12 hours.
  • Suitable for day & night.
  • Sulfite & alcohol free.