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Ezy-Dose Spoon-Dropper 1/2 Teaspoon 1 Each

by Ezydose
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Heading The right dose at the right time.
Purpose Spoon Dropper
Manufacturer Apoth Prod
Directions 1. Wash before using. Follow the cleaning instructions shown below. 2. To fill with medication, squeeze the bulb end of the Spoon-Dropper and insert the dropper tip into the medication bottle. 3. Slowly release the bulb to draw liquid into the dropper. Hold the dropper at eye level and completely release the bulb when the medication reaches the dosage amount desired. Squeeze the bulb to remove excess medication or air. 4. To deliver medication, place the dropper tip into your child's mouth as you would a feeding spoon. Gently squeeze the bulb to release the medication. To clean: Place the Spoon-Dropper into warm, soapy water. Squeeze and release the bulb end a few times. This will draw soapy water into the dropper. To rinse, place the dropper in warm, clear water. Squeeze and release the bulb end until the soap is completely removed. Allow to air dry. Dropper and bulb can be separated and washed individually. Dishwasher safe (top-rack only).
Uses Click here for more infoIdeal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddlers, the 1/2 tsp Spoon-Dropper delivers an accurate dose safely and easily. Large, easy to read calibrations in tsp. and mL ensure an accurate dosage every time. 'Arms' on the pipette keep the dropper from falling into the medicine bottle.