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Filtered Ostomy Pouch SenSura EasiClose OnePiece System 11 12" Length Maxi 118" Stoma Drainable Convex Light PreCut

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Product Description

Coloplast SenSura - 1-Piece Convex Ostomy Pouch with EasiClose Wide Outlet (Pre-cut - Maxi) combines the SenSura double-layer adhesive, a wider EasiClose outlet, a soft comfortable pouch and a convex light barrier together for a premium ostomy pouch for maximum security and discretion. Color: Transparent, Opaque. Pre-cut: 1", 1 1/8". Box of 10.

The lower layer of the adhesive barrier helps to keep the skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture. The upper layer protects the skin from stoma output. The convex light wafer is designed to help a stoma that is difficult to manage. It applies a slight pressure to flushed or retracted stomas, allowing the stoma to protrude for easier handling with less risk of leakage.

The EasiClose wide outlet is 1/2" wider than many drainable outlets, making it extra - easy to empty and clean. The intergrated Velcro closure rolls three times and seals - then tucks away. 

  • Filter works automatically
  • Convex wafer for hard to fit stomas
  • Easi-Close Wide Outlet for added security and movement
  • Double-layer adhesive is permanently fixed to the pouch