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Flents Kid's Silicone Ear Plugs C265 6 Pairs (Color May Vary)

by Flents
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Heading Since 1927.
Purpose Ear Plugs
Manufacturer Apoth Prod
Directions Perfectly safe when used as directed. Do not insert inside ear canal! 1. With clean hands, roll plug between fingers to soften. 2. Shape plugs into a ball. Place plugs against ear openings and flatten firmly.
Uses Click here for more infoWater protection while swimming, showering and bathing. Non-toxic and non-allergenic. Easy to see and easy to use.
Warnings Click here for more infoNot recommended for overnight use, diving, prolonged underwater swimming, or depths over 10 feet. Although these plugs are not intended for use as hearing protectors, they will help block sound when properly sealed. In case of airplane use, remove prior to descent. Use by children should be closely supervised by adults. Do not cut, stretch or force into ear canal. Use by children should be closely supervised by an adult.