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Flents Seal-Rite Silicone Ear Plugs, 3 Pairs

by Flents
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Heading Since 1927.
Purpose Ear Plugs
Manufacturer Apoth Prod
Directions 1. With clean hands, roll plug between fingers to soften. 2. Shape plugs into a ball. 3. Place plugs against ear openings and flatten firmly. Seal-Rite ear plugs are safe and effective, and can be re-used. However, if over a period of time there is any indication of degradation, such as cracks, brittleness or discoloration, discard them and replace with a new pair.
Uses Click here for more infoKeeps ears dry, repels water and protects ear canals. Suitable for use with pressure-equalizing tubes. Noise reduction rating: 21 decibles (when used as directed).
Warnings Click here for more infoDo not cut, stretch or force into ear canal. Use by children should be closely supervised by an adult.