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Gaviscon Extra Strength Liquid Antacid, Cherry Flavor 12 oz

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Gaviscon extra strength liquid with a combination of alginic acid and bicarbonate creates a foam barrier or "raft" that floats on the stomach acid. This raft foam barrier helps reduce the number of reflux episodes and provides longer lasting action against "heartburn" than ordinary antacid products. If reflux occurs, this raft foam barrier is the first to contact the esophageal mucosa, and thus provides protection against the acid-pepsin gastric contents. In fact, Gaviscon helps keep acid down in the stomach, where it belongs.
  • Provides heartburn relief
  • Relieves from acid reflux
  • Extra Strength acidity relief
  • Keeps acid in the stomach where it belongs
  • Reduces the occurrence of acid reflux
  • Helps Keep Acid Down for Hours

Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Aluminum Hydroxide (254mg, Antacid), Magnesium Carbonate (237.5mg, Antacid) Inactive Ingredients: Benzyl Alcohol, Edetate Disodium, Flavor, Glycerin, Saccharin Sodium, Simethicone Emulsion, Sodium Alginate, Sorbitol Solution, Water, Xanthan Gum