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Nicorette Lozenges Stop Smoking Aid Mint 2 mg, 72 ea

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Product Description
Nicorette Nicotine 2mg Lozenges in Mint dissolve quickly in your mouth to release a dose of nicotine that works to reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation. The medicine continues to help curb cravings and manage symptoms associated with quitting smoking after the nicotine lozenge is gone, without the need for a prescription. By helping to relieve cravings, Nicorette nicotine lozenges enables you to manage the triggers that link cigarettes to your daily activities. 
  • Discreet form of nicotine replacement
  • Lets you control your nicotine intake
  • Offered in a refreshing Mint flavor
  • The medicine continues after the lozenge dissolves
  • Provides a stop smoking option for people who prefer not to or cannot chew gum