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SinuCleanse Squeeze Nasal Wash 1 Each

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Heading The first word in sinus relief.
Purpose Nasal Wash
Manufacturer Med Systems
Active Ingredients Sodium Bicarbonate 2300 mg; Sodium Chloride 2300 mg
Directions Adults and children 4 years and over: use 1-2 packets up to every 2 hours as needed. Children under 4 years: consult a physician. Consult instructions for use for proper use. Other Information: Inspect saline solution packets for integrity. Protect saline solution packets from excessive heat and moisture.
Uses Click here for more infoTemporarily relieves symptoms associated with sinusitis, cold, flu or allergies: Sneezing. Runny nose. Nasal stuffiness. Post-nasal drip. Removes inhaled irritants (dust, pollen). Promotes nasal and sinus drainage. Helps reduce swelling of nasal membranes. Safe & immediate sinus relief naturally. Clinically proven to provide the most effective relief, giving you an alternative to pills and sprays and their side effects. It can also enhance the effectiveness of you prescription sinus remedies and is the safest, easiest way to feel better instantly. The difference is the design: Anti-backwash valve. Quick thread cap. wide mouth bottle. Ergonomic tip. Naturally relieves: Allergy symptoms. Nasal congestion. Sinus infections. Rhinitis of pregnancy. Sinus headache. Post-nasal drip. Dry air. Contains: SinuCleanse Squeeze; 30 All-Natural Saline Solution Packets.
Warnings Click here for more infoStop use and ask a doctor if washing is uncomfortable or symptoms are not relieved. When using this product: Use by only one person. Wash with soap and water after each use. Top rack dishwasher safe. Do not heat in microwave. Keep out of reach of children.