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SurFit Colostomy Pouch Natura 14" Length Drainable, 10 ea

by Natura
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Product Description
ConvaTec SUR-FIT Natura - 14" Drainable 2-Piece Ostomy Bag has a one sided comfort panel, odor barrier, and a transparent quiet film for comfort and discretion. The over-all pouch length is 14" which makes this ostomy pouch suitable for extended day or night time wear. The low profile and neutral color makes this bag easy to wear under regular clothing. SUR-FIT Natura uses a locking mechanism that is enhanced by an additional security flap. There is an air filter that allows gas to pass through which also works as an odor barrier. This is a drainable pouch that can be emptied and then closed back up with the included reusable clip. Two piece ostomy bags can be taken off of the ostomy wafer and then reattached without having to change the wafer.

  • Intended for use by patients with stoma problems.

  • Change the bag more frequently if used for ileostomy, because the excrement of ileostomy is in liquid form and has digestive enzymes, more irritating to the skin than other colostomy.

  • Adhesive ability will be affected by continuous use.

  • If the bag is full of air, venting through the observation window is allowed by placing a small hole at the top of the bag.

  • Ostomy bag cannot be thrown directly into toilet or cloaca, and and should be disposed of properly.

  • Patients allergenic to adhesive should use it with caution.