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The Doctor's BrushPicks Keychain Dispenser 15 Each

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Heading Full-sized precision oral care instruments.
Purpose Toothpicks
Manufacturer Medtech Prod
Directions For Keychain: To Dispense: 1. Line up holes by twisting the cap counter clockwise. 2. Tap and BrushPicks will advance through the hole. 3. Twist cap clockwise to close. To Refill: 1. Snap apart cap and barrel. 2. Refill with BrushPicks. 3. Push cap back on.
Uses Click here for more infoRe-fillable keychain dispenser. Better than flossing. 7 ways better: 1. Improved with Plyalene for longer lasting bristles. 2. Extends between teeth gently and easily. 3. Brushes away debris. 4. Stimulates gums. 5. Will not harm dental and bridge work. 6. Maneuvers and is held easily. 7. Safely scrapes away plaque.