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Tom's of Maine Naturally Waxed Anti-Plaque Flat Floss Spearmint 32 Yards

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Heading Naturally, it works.
Purpose Floss
Manufacturer Tom Of Maine
Active Ingredients Beeswax; Carnauba Wax; Spearmint Oil; Jojoba Wax; Acacia; Myrrh; Propolis
Directions Grasp about 18 inches of floss between thumb and fingers of both hands. Gently work between each tooth to just below the gum line. Never snap the floss into the gums. Gently draw plaque away by sliding the taut floss against the surface of the tooth.
Uses Click here for more infoFlossing is an important part of one's oral care regimen, allowing you to remove plaque and particles that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease from places between teeth that brushing can't reach. Our Natural Anti-Plaque Flat Floss is made of many strong nylon filaments woven together to prevent snapping or fraying. Prepared with a unique combination of natural waxes, our floss glides smoothly between teeth and is gentle on gums, and its flat shape and broader surface lets you clean each tooth efficiently and thoroughly. Strong and durable. No synthetic waxes, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, no artificial color or flavor, and no animal ingredients.